Voice solutions

The user can push a pre-recorded voice to the targeted audience through a customizable web interface/API.

Transactional OBD

Transactional OBD services aim at delivering transactional information to customers in real-time. Being independent of human intervention, the service enables the transfer of secure information. Messages can range from one-time passwords to important account alerts on regulatory norms, ticket booking status or any other transactional detail. One can deliver communications in regional languages also.

Missed Call Services

Our missed call service helps improve customer engagement for businesses by delivering information in real-time. It uses the ‘missed call’ as the sole mechanism to fulfill a variety of communication needs at absolutely no cost to the end user. The service is highly recommended for marketing/branding campaigns that operate on a voting mechanism (lead capturing, voting, polling, feedback, survey, sampling, registrations, verification etc).

Promotional OBD

Promotional OBD services enable you to deliver messages to customers through a medium that most apt for them. You can send discount offers, greetings, surveys, take feedback or deliver any marketing communication through highly customized voice messages. You can have a personalized and emotional appeal by combining voice with the power of regional languages. Using this service for tapping the rural market maximizes reach and positive experience for customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Virtual Assistant is a cloud-based IVR system which routes all customer calls to the right department. It stays available to your customers 24×7 and reduces infrastructure costs by hosting everything in the cloud. It helps improve process quality through better training systems facilitated by call tracking and recording features.

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