Virtual Mobile Number (VMN / Long Code) is a 10 digit mobile number that facilitates two-way communication through SMS globally. We provide international VMNs as well.

A Long Code is just like a regular mobile number on which users or potential customers can send SMS or voice calls to interact with you. As more and more people use mobiles to consume marketing information and connect with brands, it becomes a highly useful tool for marketers to give their customers instant access and to get connected with a completely opted-in audience with automatic consent to be informed about the brand’s offering.

With high throughput capabilities (capacity to let hundreds of thousands of SMS or calls through per minute), a Long Code number may be very helpful for a brand looking to engage and interact with its customers by collecting responses to a poll, audience votes, expression of interest by potential users, contests, games, and much more.

The way it works is that the marketer can advertise the Long Code number for audiences to SMS or call to get more information about the brand or the products and services, or to register their feedback, or to respond to a questionnaire/poll, etc. Inexpensive and easy to obtain for the marketers, the Long Code, with its standard SMS and call tariffs, doesn’t discourage the user from picking up the phone and connecting with it. The Long Code allows marketers to have their own numbers, unlike Short Codes, which are usually shared across the brands. Eventually, as the brands go increasingly global, the Long Code becomes enormously valuable. A Long Code, just like a mobile number, works internationally, to receive SMS and calls from other countries and is useful for marketers seeking to interact with or taking feedback from overseas audiences.