The Short Code service is a 5 digit number used to pull / capture responses from different modes of advertising like print, television, radio, outdoor media, promotional literature, point of sale goods, etc. Short codes provided by us are connected with all the domestic operators.

A short code is a simple form of communication where users send SMS, usually beginning with a keyword, to a short number belonging to the marketer. The automated process may then respond to the SMS in a pre-decided manner like replying with the information requested or acknowledging or registering the request or registering the vote cast by the user and so on. The service may also reply with a text menu, asking the user to select and send another message for navigating further.

With a short code being only five-digit long, marketers benefit from the high recall in target users’ mind for where to turn to for information. Users find it very convenient to remember a five-digit number and post queries as and when needed. The Short Code service has the added benefit of being capable of running on any mobile device over any supported network operator, tremendously extending the potential target audience group for marketers.